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"Afraid Of You"/"Bird" (     23rd Aug. 2000      SWEDISH 

"The Knife" (                  5th Febr. 2001       SWEDISH

"The Knife" (                         20th Febr. 2001      SWEDISH

"The Knife" (                          9th March 2001      SWEDISH

"Heartbeats" (Yelah)                                23rd Dec. 2002      SWEDISH   

"Deep Cuts" (                 15th Jan. 2003       SWEDISH

"Deep Cuts" (Sv. Dagbladet)                     17th Jan. 2003       SWEDISH   

"Deep Cuts" (Aftonbladet)                        17th Jan. 2003       SWEDISH

"Deep Cuts" (                        20th Jan. 2003       SWEDISH

"Deep Cuts" (                     10th Febr. 2003     SWEDISH

"Deep Cuts" (ExtendedMix)                       16th March 2003    SWEDISH      

"Deep Cuts" (Moving Hands Magazine)          ?    ? 2003          ENGLISH    

"Deep Cuts" (Absorb)                                ?    ?  2003          ENGLISH   

"Hannah Med H Soundtrack" (    6th Dec. 2003       SWEDISH

"Hannah Med H Soundtrack" (  8th Dec. 2003  SWEDISH

"Hannah Med H Soundtrack" (VT)                 8th Dec. 2003     SWEDISH   

"Hannah Med H Soundtrack" (ExtendedMix)    19th Dec. 2003    SWEDISH   

"Deep Cuts" (Stylus Magazine)                    8th Dec. 2004      ENGLISH       

"Silent Shout" (               31st Dec. 2006      SWEDISH

"Silent Shout" (The                   13th Febr. 2006    SWEDISH   

"Silent Shout" (Sv.Dagbladet)                     15th Febr. 2006    SWEDISH   

"Silent Shout" (Stylus Magazine)                 8th March 2006     ENGLISH

"Silent Shout" (Aftonbladet)                      13th March 2006    SWEDISH

"Silent Shout" (Kinda Muzik)                      21st March 2006     DUTCH 

"Silent Shout" (Joyzine Magazine)                4th April 2006       SWEDISH   

"Silent Shout" (Dusted Magazine)               10th July 2006        ENGLISH

"Silent Shout" (Prefix Magazine)                 25th July 2006        ENGLISH

"Silent Shout" (ReGen Magazine)                12th Nov. 2006       ENGLISH

"Deep Cuts" (Rolling Stone)                       26th Nov. 2006       ENGLISH

"The Knife" & "Deep Cuts" (Pitchfork Media)    4th Dec. 2006      ENGLISH

"Silent Shout: An Audiovisual..." (Spex Mag.)  16th Mar. 2007    GERMAN   

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (               1st Febr. 2010     NORWEGIAN

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (ResidentAdvisor)       2nd Febr. 2010      ENGLISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (Sv. Dagbladet)         3rd Febr. 2010       SWEDISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (Sputnik Music)          5th Febr. 2010      ENGLISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (Music OMH)              10th Febr. 2010    ENGLISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (ConsequenceOfSound)  12th Febr. 2010   ENGLISH

"Tomorrow in a Year" (Drowned In Sound)      23rd Febr. 2010    ENGLISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (Dagens Nyheter)        24th Febr. 2010    SWEDISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (BBC)                        26th Febr. 2010    ENGLISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (Soundvenue Magazine)  26th Febr. 2010    DANISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (Pitchfork)                  1st March 2010    ENGLISH

"Tomorrow, in a Year" (State Magazine)         3rd March 2010    ENGLISH