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Other Releases



When I Found The Knife By Frau Rabid Silent Shout: An Audiovisual Experience
Rabid 027, rel. 4 July 2005 DVD + CD Rabid 035, rel. 8 Nov. 2006.
  V2 VVR1043972, rel. 21 Febr. 2007  (with a live-CD of the show)
*Short film When I Found The Knife Includes
  * Live show from Gothenburg recorded 12 Apr. 2006
* Music videos for  
N.Y. Hotel  * The entire When I Found The Knife-DVD  
Heartbeats * The additional videos for
You Take My Breath Away I Silent Shout
You Take My Breath Away II Marble House I
Pass This On We Share Our Mothers' Health 
  Like A Pen
* CD that includes songs Marble House II
1. Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Rmx)  
2. You Take My Breath Away (Mylo Rmx)  
3. Pass This on (Dahlbäck & Dahlbäck Rmx)  
4. You Take My Breath Away (MHC Rmx)  
5. Pass This On (M.A.N.D.Y. Knifer Mix)  
6. I Live In A Tree  
7. Manhood  
8. Afraid Of You  

Mixes & Production

The Knife have done mixes of

Jenny Wilson - "Let My Shoes Lead You Forward" "Let My Shoes Lead You Forward" CDS and 12" (2005, Rabid 028)
Hird - "Keep You Kimi"   "Moving On Remixed" 12"  (2005, DNM/Dealers of Nordic Music DNMEP008)
Stina Nordenstam - "Parliament Square"   "Parliament Square" CDS (2005, V2 VVR5030983)
Mari Boine - "Čiŋat" "It Ain't Necessarily Evil" CD (2008, Universal 0602517623934)

The Knife have produced

Robyn - "Who's That Girl"
The Knife also co-wrote the music.
"Robyn" CD (2005, Konichiwa Rec. 002)  "Who's That Girl" CDS (2005, Konichiwa Rec.003) 12" (2008, Konichiwa Rec 1768507)

The Knife have in some way collaborated on


Mazarine Street - "Cat" and "Let It Come Down" (Karin additional voices) "The Beast Of" CD (1996, Fine Tone Recordings 001)
Bear Quartet - "Volksblues" (Karin in a duet with Bear Quartet) "Personality Crises" CD (1998, West Side Fabr. WeCD151)
Robot - "Wasted" (Karin background vocals) "Fake or Real?" CD (2000, Starboy Recordings/BMG Sweden)
Bear Quartet - "Be A Stranger" (Karin background vocals) "Gay Icon" CD (2001, West Side Fabr. WeCD185)
  Karin also did the cover art together with members from the band.
Silverbullit - "Axe Man" (Karin background vocals) "Citizen Bird" CD and LP (2001, NONSCD/NONSLP 79)
Yvonne - "Lost In The City Nights" (Karin background vocals) "Hit That City" CD (2001, LED Recordings/Universal), CDS (2002)
Calle P - "Det Här" (Olof wrote music, mixed and produced) "Det Här" 12" (2002, Rabid 011)
Røyksopp - "What Else Is There" (Karin vocals) "The Understanding" CD (2005, Astralwerks 11352), CDS, 12", 7" (2005)
Max Peezay - "Komrfrån" (Olof co-wrote and produced) "Discokommittén" CD (2006,V2 Music Scandinavia VVR1037742)
Fläskkvartetten - "Tillisaba" and "Leave A Light" (Olof programmed drums) "Voices Of Eden" CD (2006, Flesh Recordings, Universal 171445-0
Nine Inch Nails - "Me, I'm Not" (Olof remixed) "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D" CD (2007, Interscope 060251752419), LP (2007)
dEUS - "Slow" (Karin vocals together with dEUS) "Vantage Point" CD (2008, V2 VVR1050472) LP (2008) "Slow" 7" (2008 V2 VVR5050547)
First Floor Power - "The Jacket" (Karin remixed) "The Jacket" 12" (2008, Crunchy Frog FROG 063-1)
Røyksopp - "This Must Be It" and "Tricky Tricky" (Karin vocals) "Junior" CD, LP (2009, Astralwerks) "This Must Be It" 12" (2009, Astralwerks)
Emmanuel Jal - "Kuar" (Olof remixed) "Kuar" 12" (2010, Innervisions INNERVISIONS29)