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"Tomorrow In A Year"

An intersection of the plain
by the bank of some great stream

the animal carcasses
and skeletons would be

Tomorrow in a year
tomorrow in a million years

Ages resting in
the rings of a tree.
Fossils in lay in slate
marking the old forestís edge

Iíve stood on a mountain
dividing three regions.
Then it was just a pebble
that I held inside my hand

In between each flap
of a butterflyís wings,
countless changes
that have gone on unnoticed

A cricket rubs itís forewings
together and I am forced
to think of the time that itís taken
to build

Mountains fossils

Larva lava

An Algae moves through water.
Ages move across epochs.
Thereís grandeur in this view,
a constant succession

cupping the soil

within my hands

it teams with life

these endless forms

my heart beats 70

times per minute

stretching out over years

a wilderness

layer on layer life embedded in stone

stretching out before me

a wilderness

moments in motion song, heartbeat and breath