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The Story of The Knife
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For the promotion of their third album, “Silent shout”, The Knife did a photo shoot with Elin Berge out on a snowfield next to a forest around dawn. Their long black coats, wigs and the masks over their faces came to start a lot of talk about the mysterious group. The reason for why they choose this “image” for the promotion of this album was, according to Olof: We feel like that if we had been there with our plain faces, that would destroy the illusion of the music. So we tried to dress up as the music. Occult and dark, but at the same time funny.

Karin states for a biography on The Knife’s website If we could choose not to do any photos at all, we would. But it’s quite impossible. Because I don’t think it has anything to do with the music. So we use the photos now to show what our music looks like.

We have been making music for seven years and with every year you are getting close to what kind of music you really want to do. I think we are pretty close. In that song particularly: because it has all the elements that we like - it’s very sad, but hard and beautiful at the same time. And it’s cold, but it’s warm. A lot of qualities! she laughs.

The “Silent Shout”-album was released in February 2006 and immediately rocketed to the album charts, debuting at #1 and staying in the top-10 for four weeks. “Silent Shout” was in the charts for a total of 15 weeks.

The Knife announced in February that they were going to do five live shows in Sweden and Europe, their very first “real” live performances ever. The 30th of March at Berns in Stockholm, the day after that at Mejeriet in Lund, after that shows in Scala, London and Maria in Berlin before ending the tour at Trädgårn in Gothenburg on the 12th of April. Andreas Nilsson once again got to make the visuals for this tour. Their show lasted for nearly an hour this time and consisted of songs from all three records, but mostly the newest “Silent shout”. All these five shows were sold out and the show in Gothenburg was recorded and was later released in November 2006 under the title “Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience”.

Karin said in an interview with the newspaper
Sydsvenskan’s Jonas Grönlund about finally going out on a tour and why they didn’t do it until now. We had thought about doing shows for many years, but never came up with any good ideas of how we actually could do it. After we released “Deep Cuts” we had many ideas of doing some sort of Laurie Anderson-show, but lacked the money to make that happen. And now it is Andreas (Nilsson) that has made all this. She continues: We’re very involved in the visual part of the show. We’ve worked with Andreas a long time now and it feels assuring. ... It has taken time to realise how we can do a show. It’s easy to think that a live performance must be in a certain way. It’s now that we are brave even to try to do it the way we want to. It’s very little live, more like a performance. 

When asked about the new “Silent Shout”-release she states: On this new record we used a lot of new equipment and instruments. We didn’t use any old analogue synthesizers this time, just modern stuff. We’re not interested in retro and nostalgia. We want to make modern or at least contemporary music where there’s hope somewhere. If you do that with old instruments it can easily sound as if we’re reactionary. In an interview for Swedish radio in March 2008 Karin describes the nature of "Silent Shout". I don't see it as a record about fear. More towards anxiety and sadness. To me, fear is more a state where you're feeling very very small.

In the spring of 2006 a sequel was made to this short film “When I Found The Knife”. It was titled “When I Found The Knife Again” and this time frau Rabid and a few of her friends found The Knife once more, but now they had changed from monkeys into flying human-crows. This short film was done by Amy Engles (formerly Leech) who had won a competition arranged by The Knife’s UK label.