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The Story of The Knife
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In 2004 The Knife released a short film titled When I Found The Knife which was about how the owner of Rabid, Frau Rabid (a rabbit), had one day found two monkeys (The Knife) that made music and how she fell in love with their music and signed them to her label.

They had begun working on their next CD in March 2004 using quite seldom recording “studios”. This CD, that later became the “Silent Shout”-disc for example was partially recorded in an old carbon-dioxide factory, partially at vaults beneath The Grand Church (build in the 15th Century) in Stockholm’s Old Town. They had plans on building a studio in these vaults, but found it impossible to do. He says: We had to move because of the poor sonics of the room,’ says Olof. ‘But mainly because it was so old the walls were falling apart so we had brick dust in our lungs. Instead they worked and finished the album in their home studios and in another studio in Stockholm. The plan was to make a different CD from the previous “Deep Cuts”-album, this was going to be much darker and more personal.

Their UK label re-released the singles “Heartbeats” (released in October 2004) and “You Take My Breath Away” (March 2005). The latter was even released with a new video that now had two skeletons dancing instead of the previous one that had starred Karin and Jenny Wilson.

On the 8th of February 2005 The Knife made their very first performance at London’s ICA where they performed three songs accompanied by videos from Andreas Nilsson. The show lasted about 15 minutes. After that it was back to work with the album. The third and final single from “Deep Cuts” was the song “Pass This On” that was released in September 2003 and re-released in June 2005 and with the help of Johan Renck’s excellent video that starred drag queen Richard Engfors singing Karin’s vocals a lot of people had found The Knife and their music. The Knife let Richard do a performance with the song at the Swedish talk show Sen kväll med Luuk back in 2003, which aired on the 14th November 2003.

Finally in November of 2005 the record was finished and set to be released on the 8th of March, but the CD leaked on the Internet and the release was moved to the 15th of February 2006. The first single, the title track “Silent Shout” was released on the 30th of January.

At the time of the completion of this CD an international audience was introduced to The Knife. Thanks to fellow Swede José González and his acoustic guitar cover of their song “Heartbeats” (included on the “Deep Cuts”-album). González’s cover was used in a Sony “bouncing balls”-commercial for Bravia LCD TV’s. But it could just as well never have happened. Karin tells Craig McLean: We had to think hard about allowing our music to be used to sell stuff. It’s the first time we’ve said to yes to a thing like that. The only reason we thought it was OK was it wasn’t us performing. It’s not fun to sell music for commercials but it gives you money – to help our label, but we won’t do it again.

Karin had also provided the vocals for a single from the Norwegian electronica duo Royksopp. The song “What Else is There”, which was released on 21st of November 2005, is a marvellous song thanks to Dreijer’s haunting lyrics and was the last single from Royksopp’s album “The Understanding”. This wasn’t the first time Karin had appeared as a guest vocalist. She had, for example, as early as 2001 sung on a song named “Axe Man” with Silverbullit, where Andreas Nilsson plays guitar for. In 2005 The Knife also produced a song on the Swedish singer Robyn’s forthcoming CD, the track was “Who’s That Girl”, which was her second single from the “Robyn”-album and peaked at #37 on the Swedish singles chart.