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The Knife have done the following performances in their career.

2013 and 2014: Shaking the Habitual Tour

April, 26 Pier 2, Bremen (Germany)  
April, 27 Docks, Hamburg (Germany) Sold out
April, 29 Alcatraz, Milan (Italy) Sold out
April, 30 Komplex 457, Zürich (Switzerland) Sold out
May, 1 Muffathalle, Munich (Germany) Sold out
May, 2 E-Werk, Cologne Sold out
May, 4 Cite de la Musique, Paris (France) Sold out
May, 5 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (Belgium) Sold out
May, 6 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands) Sold out
May, 8 Roundhouse, London (U K) Sold out
May, 9 Roundhouse, London (U K) Sold out
May, 11 Columbiahalle, Berlin (Germany) Sold out
May, 12 Vega, Copenhagen (Denmark) Sold out
May, 13 Vega, Copenhagen (Denmark) Sold out
May, 15 Sentrum, Oslo (Norway) Sold out
May, 16 Hangaren Subtopia, Stockholm (Sweden) Sold out
May, 17 Hangaren Subtopia, Stockholm (Sweden) Sold out
May, 24 Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona (Spain)  
Jun, 14 Northside Festival, Aarhus (Denmark)  
July, 19 Melt! Festival, Gräfenhainichen (Germany)  
July, 20 Colors of Ostrava Festival (Czech Republic)  
Aug, 7 Flow Festival, Helsinki (Finland)  
Aug, 9 Way Out West, Gothenburg (Sweden)  
Aug, 10 Oya Festival, Oslo (Norway)  
Aug., 17 Pukkelpop Festival  (Belgium)  
Aug, 18 Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen (Netherlands)  
Sept., 7 Bestival, Whiteley (U K)  
Oct., 31 Pitchfork Festival, Paris (France)  
2014 2014 2014
April, 11 & 18 Coachella Festival, Indio (USA) Sold out
April, 15 Fox Theater, Oakland (USA) Sold out
April, 16 Fox Theater, Oakland (USA)  
April, 21 Fillmore, Denver (USA)  
April, 23 Aragon, Chicago (USA)  
April, 25 Kool Haus, Toronto (Canada)  
April, 26 Metropolis, Montréal (Canada)  
April, 28 House of Blues, Boston (USA)  
April, 30 Terminal 5, New York (USA) Sold out
May, 1 Terminal 5, New York (USA)  

Setlist for the tour of 2013

* A Cherry On Top
* Raging Lung
* Bird
* Without You Me Life Would Be Boring
* A Tooth For An Eye
* One Hit
* Networking
* Wrap Your Arms Around Me
* Got 2 Let U
* Ready To Lose
* Full Of Fire
* Stay Out Here
* Silent Shout

(On some festival gigs "Networking" and "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" weren't performed.)

2006: Silent Shout - An Audiovisual Experience Tour

March, 30 Berns, Stockholm (Sweden) Sold out
March, 31 Mejeriet, Lund (Sweden) Sold out
April, 6 Maria am Ostbahnof, Berlin (Germany) Sold out
April, 10 Scala, London (U K) Sold out
April, 12 Trädgårn, Gothenburg (Sweden) Sold out
June, 6 La Loco, Paris (France)  
June, 15 Sonar Festival (Spain)  
July, 10 Oya Festival (Norway)  
July, 14 Arvika Festival (Sweden) Sold out
August, 11 SonneMondSterne festival (Germany)  
August, 17 Pukkelpop Festival (Belgium)  
August, 18 Lowlands Festival (Netherlands)  
October, 10 Magazzini Generali, Milano (Italy)  
October, 12 La Cigale, Paris (France)  
October, 13 E-Werk Gebaude 9, Cologne (Germany) Sold out
October, 14 The Forum, London (U K) Sold out
October, 15 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands) Sold out
October, 16 Vega, Copenhagen (Denmark) Sold out
October, 17 Vega, Copenhagen (Denmark) Sold out
November, 1 (2 shows) Webster Hall, New York (USA) Sold out
November, 3 Mezzanine, San Fransisco (USA) Sold out
November, 4 El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles (USA) Sold out

Setlist for the tour of 2006

* Pass This On
* The Captain
* We Share Our Mothers' Health
* You Make Me Like Charity
* Marble House
* Forest Families
* Kino
* Heartbeats
* Silent Shout
* From Off To On

("Like A Pen" was performed as encore on some of the shows.)


February, 8        ICA, London (U K)  Performed three songs